Optimized hardware meets sophisticated software

SolarSCADA encompasses onsite monitoring hardware, real-time site commissioning needs, and long-term web accessible data monitoring.

You have design requirements. We exceed them

The SolarSCADA platform is designed specifically for solar monitoring applications. We provide a complete, all-inclusive standalone monitoring system that can meet any specification that currently exists for photovoltaic monitoring systems.

Easy installation is something we take seriously

SolarSCADA hardware is calibrated and configured prior to arriving onsite. Once the equipment arrives on-site, it can be unboxed, installed, and visible on our web portal on the same day.

We value compliance

SolarSCADA was designed meet the IEC-61724 photovoltaic system performance monitoring guidelines. All our sensors meet the required accuracy specifications and logging intervals. System compliance depends on sensors selected during configuration.

Skyfri Intelligence integrated as part of core deliverable

In an industry that is constantly changing, we are always deploying and supporting new devices. If your project requires a new tracker type, or a type of inverter that you are buying first to market, our engineers can work with you on getting all the communications issued set up and pre-configured prior to shipping. With the “always on” capability of our solar standalone options, we can troubleshoot right along with the field service techs working to commission the new equipment. For some projects, we’ve even offered temporary power to energize our customers’ control equipment from our UPS system to aid firmware updates and troubleshooting.

Real-time data you can depend on

Save yourself hours of tedious calculations and use our Skyfri Intelligence Advanced Analytics to know how your solar plant is performing. We know the different KPIs that owners and operators care about and we know how to calculate them all.

If you want to do the calculations yourself, easily export the data using any type of request you want - OPC, DNP, Modbus, SQL, HTTP, Microsoft excel query, etc. You make your Excel spreadsheet, and the system will fill it with time-stamped data based on whatever interval you select, from sub-second instantaneous to minute, hour, weekly, monthly totals, averages, or integrations. SolarSCADA has the best Excel support in the industry.

Skyfri Intelligence allows you to process data from distributed assets real-time, letting you know where to spend your time and efforts, and what assets your should prioritise the next time a field crew is on the road. SolarSCADA is and the Skyfri Intelligence platform are designed with cost-efficiency in mind, allowing you to generate virtual site sensors, based on third party data or nearby sites. This allows you approximated values for performance monitoring for smaller sites where one cannot justify to have a full sensor and telemetry package. In this way, Skyfri is unique, always keeping your whole portfolio in mind when addressing distributed assets.


SolarSCADA is customizable in every way using our SolarSCADA Standard Panels as per-pad equipment. Since each panel is a complete, standalone SCADA system on its own, it makes scaling and integration a breeze with any number of external devices.

This may include interfacing with utility switchgear and protective relaying, leased line utility communications, trip/close circuits, and solving NERC/CIP Compliance issues through IP configuration, access controls, and discrete and pulse counter interfaces where needed.

Onsite Installation

While our SolarSCADA system arrives at your site ready for easy installation, we also offer installation, commissioning, and support services

Please reach out to sales@skyfri.com for inquiries.