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The team

Skyfri SolarSCADA is part of Skyfri Group. Skyfri is home to a team of solar asset managers, O&M managers, performance management experts, renewable energy investors and IPP executives.

Our edge is global industry experience combined with digital solutions that enables superior value. Our vision is to make solar power the most accessible, smartest and cleanest energy source through use of technology and innovations.

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Our People

Our technology-first approach towards solar asset operations is transforming the business and accelerating the growth of solar globally. Our global team is one of the most experienced teams in the solar industry, including some of the best and brightest software engineers, product managers, designers, domain experts, and commercial professionals in the business.

Contact Us Map
Contact Us Map

Connect with Skyfri

Contact us at to see how we can help. Describe your site case, and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you look for career opportunities, please visit our careers page for opportunities with Skyfri. For all press and media inquiries, please email

Why Skyfri SolarSCADA?
Configuration: Our approach
Sensor Accuracy and Inputs
Can you do utility scale sites?
Do you support <Tracker> or <Inverter> or <Relay> or <Battery>?
I need to interface with <Utility’s> system for Volt/Var control or database
something. Or, "we already have a system built on <INSERT SCADA /
HISTORIAN PACKAGE>” Can you interface with that?
Please reach out to for inquiries.