SolarSCADA’s Vendors and Manufacturing Partners

Cloud Solutions by RadixIOT

SolarSCADA has partnered with Radix IoT, harnessing the strengths of their JAVA™ based Mango© Automation Platform for large scale solar monitoring. Mango is a powerful end-to-end solution for you to rapidly build and deploy easy-to-use, scalable SCADA, HMI, BAS or IoT systems. Through a series of solar specific plugins and optimizations, SolarSCADA is leveraging Mango's solid software base to bring a flexible yet powerful approach to large scale solar monitoring.

This partnership enables SolarSCADA to offer easy state-of-the-art alarming, report generation, smartphone interfacing, and web accessibility options.

Irradiance Sensors by Hukseflux USA

SolarSCADA is pleased to offer Hukseflux™ Sensors as standard equipment. The most common choice for our customers are Hukseflux’s SR05 instruments, due to their excellent performance and low cost. However, SolarSCADA can support instruments meeting any IEC-61724 Class. SolarSCADA supplies all calibration certificates, and keeps archive copies on hand when appropriate.

Weather Instrumentation by Meter Group

SolarSCADA supplies one of (3) Standard Weather Stations from Meter Group depending on customer requirements. The ATMOS-41, when used with SolarSCADA, fully meets all requirements se forth in IEC 61724-1. The ATMOS-22 is used when just wind speed and direction alone is required. The ATMOS-14 is used when ambient temperature only is required. SolarSCADA maintains serial number and calibration records when appropriate.

Integrated AC Metering by CCS™ (Continental Control Systems)

SolarSCADA is pleased to offer CCS Wattnode™ devices as our standard energy metering devices. SolarSCADA’s standard panel includes (2) Wattnode Modules internally: one for solar metering, and the other for consumption metering. Wattnodes are revenue grade, when using appropriate CTs. Extra AC meter locations are provided by Wattnode Wide Range devices if required. For consumption metering, SolarSCADA uses CCS’s CTRC Rogowski Coils, which are not revenue grade. For revenue grade metering, SolarSCADA uses Flex-Core CT’s. All CT’s supplied by SolarSCADA are 333mV devices, to provide a safe and low-cost installation.

Revenue Grade CT’s by Flex-Core

Flex-Core provides SolarSCADA’s revenue grade CTs where appropriate. The 4LSF series works well for many projects sizes from a few 100kW up to 2.5MW. These are 333mV output, and meet IEC60044-1 0.2 Accuracy Class. They are available in 2”x3” and 4”x4.5” window sizes, for service from 400A to 2400A. For projects over 2.5MW, it is common to see switchgear with appropriate meter and relaying pre-built. In this case, SolarSCADA will interface with whatever relaying equipment is available at the site.

Calibration Services by ISO-CAL North America

SolarSCADA supplies Iso-Cal North America’s calibration services for our supplied irradiance sensors. SolarSCADA can ship our customers new or re-calibrated instruments in exchange for previously used instruments, completing pyranometer calibration swaps in one truck roll.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly by Meyer EMS

Meyer EMS provides SolarSCADA with contract assembly and testing of SolarSCADA’s in-house SSI, SPD, and Module Temperature Sensor assembly services. They’re also a valuable partner for DFM (Design for Manufacturing) support as our products continue to grow more integrated.

Long Term Plant Performance available from Sunrise Technologies

Whereas SolarSCADA’s alarming and analysis tools provide immediate alarming for real-time operational issues, Sunrise Tech’s PRISM™ suite of automated tools provides deep insight on long-term PV Plant performance issues. SolarSCADA supports easy data output to PRISM™ via Excel template.

Scalable Cloud Hosting Platform by Linode

SolarSCADA uses Linode’s Linux cloud solutions to host much of our platform’s software infrastructure. SolarSCADA has been designed using modern scalable cloud computing technologies, allowing us to move things around as needed to meet customer security, privacy, and data integrity and longevity requirements. SolarSCADA can easily separate out your projects to host on a dedicated machine, or even move the entire system behind your firewalls to fall within your cybersecurity boundaries.

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